Purkleen Solutions was founded in 2010 and is devoted to providing useful cleaning products that  are 100% environmentally safe while maintaining the highest quality and effectiveness.


We strive to continually release new and innovative products to address the needs of our customers in the marine, home, auto, and industrial cleaning markets!  Our patented solutions challenge traditional cleaners that use harsh chemicals that can be hazardous to  both our customers and our environment.  We want to leave the areas we impact better than we found them, and require that our products do the same.

Shop our line of products and experience "The Greener Way to Clean" today!

What Our Customers Think: 

"Used Purkleen to clean my guide boat from last season when it was sold. Could not get over how well it cleaned the hard water stains with ease and it was a painted Aluminum Boat! Even the Outboard looked brand new again! Man this stuff is unreal! Get Some!" - Don

"Just finished cleaning my boat. Brent Algeo got me some PurKleen. I thought I tried everything there was for taking off the nasty boat grime and lime deposits but PurKleen took of everything with half the effort. My wife was so impressed she said it would work great for the shower glass." - Rick

​"Absolutely the best boat & motor cleaner on the market." - Chris

​"Water spots and grime is gone!!! Don’t clean your boat very often like me you better get with the program and check out PURKleen!!! This stuff blows the doors off of anything else!!" - Chad